Welcome to Tokin’ Art, the home of 420 artist Anita Toke (of course that is my real name, are you high!??)

I love cannabis and art and thought that smashing two of my favorite things together would make for a much better day than sitting in a cube somewhere typing on a plastic keyboard!

So, now I paint portraits of stoners and other stonerlicious subject matter, such as buds, bongs, and pipes. Why not!? Stoners deserve love too.  After all, most Americans admit to smoking ganga, and for good reason — cannabis is an amazing herb that could save this world if only our greedy politicians would stop vilifying it. Whew! Enough pot politics.

All of my art is available as prints, posters, and greeting cards. and some of the originals are still available for purchase right here in our Auctions site.

I love creating custom commissioned art for my many stoner friends. If you are interested in a custom piece for yourself, your store, or your friend, check out my art, then contact Anita Toke